Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Art & Curio Steak

Last Sunday, I went to Art & Curio Steak located in Cikini road under the rail train. Once I arrived there, the place is so crowded, luckily I still found the empty table. The light is nebulous, but I still can see the menu. I think there are only two kinds of meat there, chicken and beef. I ordered Art & Curio Steak Complete served with fried slice potato, fresh bean n carrot, mushroom, fried egg, and steak sauce for 45 K and for drink I ordered lime squash for 8 K. There also many kinds of steak here, American Complete for 47 K, Winner Snietzel Steak for 40 K, Sirloin Steak for 50 K, etc. There also raw meat steak for around 40 K. Beside steak they also provide bitterbolen, sandwich, pasta, spaghetti, ice cream, wine, etc. The steak was served on aluminium plate like the plate for prisoner. Overall the meat is great but it is not too tasty, I should add some sauce on it. The drink is good too, whereas they use syrup. It’s worth to tried lah, anyway there’s no tax for the food and drink ^_^

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