Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Food Court Taman Kedoya

Last Thursday, my sister and me came to Food Court Taman Kedoya that located in Perumahan Taman Kedoya Baru behind Lion Plaza. We arrived around 17:45 in the afternoon. There are many food stall such as : Bubur Kedoya, Kuotie Sanjaya, Nasi Goreng Bang Ali, etc, but not yet opened, so I decided to look around. Because I was eager to eat burger, so I search the place that sold burger and I found one (the place called "Culina"). Because many food stalls are not yet opened, so I ordered the burger to take away for 9 K. But after wait for the burger, the food stall are prepared to open, so I decided to eat the burger and I tried another food. The burger is quite good for the cheap price, but they don't use cheese. Maybe the taste will be better if they add cheese.

My other choice is to try Home Made Sausage in "Hot Steak" (I forgot the name of this place :) ). They sold 1 meter sausage for 48 K, beef frankfuter sausage for 18 K, beef cheese sausage for 19 K, and many other main course such as Fettuchini mushroom for 22 K, Gindara Steak for 22,5 K, Sirloin Steak for 25 K, etc. I ordered hot dog with beef frankfuters, served with mayonnaise sauce, mustard, and lettuce. The taste is standard for the quite expensive price. The sausage is too small compare with the bread. I'd prefer hotdog in Blenger Burger than this one. But I will come to this place again to try 1 meter sausage :)

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