Friday, March 23, 2007

How can I not love you?... it can't be

Cannot touch , cannot hold , cannot be together
Cannot love , cannot kiss , cannot have each other
Must be strong and we must let go
Cannot say what our heart must know

*Chorus :
How can I not love you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms
How does one waltz away
From all of the memories
How do I not miss you
When you are gone

Cannot dream , cannot share sweet and tender moments
Cannot feel how we feel , must pretend it's over
Must be brave and we must be go on
Must not say what we've know all alone

This is another song that I like lately. Actually this song is pretty old, but I just heard this song yesterday and I just realized that this song is very good to hear ^_^.

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