Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pancious Pancake House

Last Saturday, Olin and me went to Pancious Pancake House located in Permata Hijau (in front of Hero Supermarket). The place looks nice from the outside and inside too (there is a swimming pool inside of it). When I entered it, it was so crowded because there’s also sweet seventeen party but there is still a table for two of us. First, I look for all the foods and drinks in the menu. Beside pancake (their specialty), they provide appetizer, pasta, steak, and dessert. I ordered smoked beef pancake for 30 K, while Olin ordered sausage salami pancake for 32 K. The pancake looks very delicious and makes me curious about the taste. When I ate the first slice of it, the taste is quite good. But, I didn’t finish my meal because I was too full and I feel a little bit queasy because the pancake is too big. Olin didn’t finish either. If they can make the portion smaller, I think its better. I will visited this place again to try their cold pancake and pasta ^_^. If you are around permata hijau or Senayan, you can try this place.