Wednesday, December 6, 2006

What is a friend means to you??

What is a friend means to you?
Sometimes that question accross my mind, but I don’t need much time to answer it. It’s just a simple question, but the answer will be make a big impact for all of your friends. For me, a friend is really important. Just like a family. We can’t live alone in this big world. We need someone that love and care for us. Parents and friends can be someone that will love and care for us. If you don’t have any friends, it seems that the world is empty. There is no one you can speak to. There is no one you can go with. You must do your activities by yourself. Maybe there is someone that can live like that but I can’t live like that and that’s why friends are really important for me. Friends can change our world to be so different. They can help you when you’re down. They will support you when you’re in big problem. You can share your tears and laughs to them. Maybe it’s hard to find a good friend like that, but I know someday somewhere you will find such a good and nice friend like I did. For all my friends, thanx to be a good friend and keep in touch will make our friendship last forever.


cien cien said...

yes, of course, without friends it's like live in empty world. Let's make and find new friends again with the other person. Btw, not all friend can understand u, sometime they will appear and contact u if they need u. Just be careful on it

z3ro said...

Yup, u're right. I know who my really friends are

Markus said...

I don't agree with you, cien cien.

if a friend come to you to ask your help (even if he/she come to you only when they need you) you still should help them. that's a friend for..

well I admitted that this kind of friend sometimes makes me a little bit lazy to help them but I always try to help although mostly I lost my patience :D

I keep trying to make them satisfied with my answer/help although sometimes me, my self is not satisfied with what i do to help my friend.