Thursday, December 7, 2006

Pizza and noodle

About four or three months ago there was one new mall in Jakarta and it’s called Senayan City. I was curious about that mall because many people said that it was a nice place to go, so I decided to go with my family. The parking system was automatic with two buttons, one button is to get the parking ticket and I forgot about the other one used for. Once, I entered the mall, I saw the design of that mall. For me, the design was pretty good. All things were look so elegant. And then I go to the foodcourt in 5th floor. The place is also nice with many unique foods. I was interesting to try pizza that was called Trattoria pizza. They have five kinds of pizzas, lasagna, spaghetti, and drinks. The price is also not too expensive. You can have one pizza for around 11000 – 15000 rupiahs. I never saw this outlet before, so I ordered two kinds of pizza. The pizza looks nice and the taste is quite good. After that, I was looking for another food to try ^_^. Finally I choose “Mie Tarik Lekker” because this outlet is quite crowded, so I thought the taste will be very delicious. The price was quite expensive for one portion of noodle. One portion cost for 19000 rupiahs and I think the portion is not enough for one man. If you are really a noodle lover, you should try this because the taste is quite good. So, go to the Senayan city and try those foods. Have a nice try.


Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

Yes, the mall was magnificent and it's elegant. Too bad not all store are open yet, so i think we should wait for about three months before all store are opened and we will have more choices when we arrived there.

So... any plan to go there again? Call us when you are planning to :D

cien cien said...

hmm looks so nice, maybe we can try together and u can try the other food again and u treat for us hihiihi
im will wait hihihi