Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The unforgetable moment with my friends

Everyone will have many memories about the past whether it is bad memories or sweet memories. Now let’s forget about the bad memories because right know I don’t want to make everyone sad ^_^. Actually, I don’t have many sweet memories. The sweetest moment that I had was when I went abroad to Singapore and Malaysia with all my friends for the first time. It’s not because it was the first time I went abroad but it was the first time I went abroad with my friends. That moment will not be forgettable forever.
For this trip, we already prepared for at least one year ago. I said to my friends that I had a plan to go abroad to Singapore and Malaysia. We can take the deducted leave and I thought that we will have enough money to realize my plan. Someone said it’s impossible and someone said that it was the great idea. But I think I will work hard to convince all my friends to go with me. All of us prepared everything. We searched information about the cheapest cost to go to Singapore and Malaysia. We check many hotels and apartments to stay. We called many travel agencies to help us to schedule the trip. Finally, we got the best price to go and we found a place to stay. We’ll just wait until we went abroad. And when the time was coming to departed, we promise each other that we will enjoy the trip and I said that we’d already realize it ^_^. I was so glad in that moment. We went abroad for 1 week and we traveled Singapore – Malaysia – Genting. It was really a happiness moment in my life that I won’t forget it. I will thanks to all my friends because of this. See guys, when there is a will, there is also a way. Thanks also to be my friends and wish we can go abroad together sometimes.

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