Monday, December 11, 2006

My favorite places to eat noodle

There are many places to eat in Jakarta. Noodle is one of the favorite foods that I like. Maybe I’ve already tried about twenty places that sold noodle. For me, the most favorite noodle place is in Kelapa Gading behind the Gading Permai Apartment. The place is called “Mie Karet Afoek” and the price is only 9000 rupiahs for one portion. The price is quite cheap for one delicious food. The noodle is still good although you didn’t eat it with meat. Just give some chili and gravy. Hmm… the food is very tasty, at least for me. Actually, yesterday I just ate it. Beside noodle, they also sold fried meatball that cost 3000 rupiahs each. Another place is called “Mie Udang Singapore Mimi” in Greenville. They offer noodle, Kwetiaow, rice noodle, and fried rice. The most favorite food in this place is “Mie Goreng Terasi” and “Mie Udang Singapore”. If you like spicy food, you can try “Mie Goreng Terasi”. For me, it’s too spicy and sometimes I can’t finish it because I was suffer from hotly spiced. If you like semi cooked noodle, you can try “Mie Udang Singapore”. They also supply “Badak” for the drink. This drink is taste like Sarparilla. Maybe not everyone knows about this. So to fill your curiosity, you should try those foods. But everyone has different taste for food. Perhaps you have the same taste with me.

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