Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Macaroni Panggang & Apple Pie

Many people said that in Bogor there is a restaurant that sold Macaroni as their specialty. So, Olin and I went to Bogor to visit "Macaroni Panggang". I never went there, but Olin did. First I came in, the place looks so nice, natural, and not too many people are there. Because their specialty is Macaroni Panggang, so we ordered it the special one for 79K (medium size). There are three size of Macaroni: small, medium, and big. I also ordered mix omlette for 13 K, while Olin ordered Steak Tempe for 25 K. For drink, we just ordered hot tea and sweet ice tea for 3K each. They also provide Sirloin Steak, Tenderloin Steak, Fish Steak, Tiramisu cakes, etc. The Macaroni taste quite good. The omlette looks so thin and it taste standard. The steak looks delicious but the taste is standard too. After we almost finished our meal, many people are coming to this place and suddenly looks so crowded. Overall, you should try their Macaroni Panggang if you are in Bogor.

After we finished our lunch, we wanted to have more food he3x. So we went to Apple Pie located only one block from MP. You can go by foot or by car if you are too lazy to walk :p. The place looks nice too from the outside. We ordered one small piece of love apple pie for 23 K. We didn't want to eat in that place, so we ordered it to take away. We ate it in Kebun Raya Bogor. the taste is quite good and the shape looks so cute ^_^. If you are a pie lover, you should try this one.

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Veetra said...

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