Tuesday, May 1, 2007

1 Day @ Bogor

Sunday morning, Olin and I went to Bogor around 9:30 from my place. This is my second trip with Olin outside Jakarta. This time we asked some friends to come along. The highway is not so crowded and we arrived there around 10:30. First we wanted to try “Bakmi Yun Sing”, but after we searched the place and we couldn’t find it so we cancelled our plan. We went to MP (Macaroni Panggang) to taste their specialty which is “Macaroni”. After that, we went to Apple Pie, it just one block from MP.

Then, we went directly to “Kebun Raya Bogor” to walk around. The fee for entrance was 5K/ person. We saw many kinds of trees and plants. There were also so many people there. The weather was sometimes hot and sometimes cloudy. The view was so awesome. So, we took many photos especially my friends and we really enjoyed the walk ^_^. Hopefully, we can go here again sometimes. After spent 1 and a half hour to walk, we decided to drink some fresh juice and rest in “cafĂ© dedaunan”. After that, we went out from “kebun raya” to buy “ngo hiang” and “roti unyil”.

Then, we went to Jakarta around 6:00 from Bogor. All of us really enjoyed the trip, although we felt so tired and sleepy. I was very happy too because all of my plans with Olin until today are success to be actualized. Hope we can realize many plans that are waiting for us in near future ^_^.

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