Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cafe Dermaga

Yesterday, my girl and me went to Café Dermaga. From the outside, the place looks like ordinary house, but actually the café take place behind the house. There’s no AC in this café, so we eat in the open space accompany with fresh air and surrounded by sea. For me, the place is quite romantic especially when we sit in the corner of the café ^_^. We can see the sea or lake (I don’t know what it’s called because the water is so calm) with candle and torch as the light. There’s also cascade in the middle of the café.

Now, we move on to the food (uhmmm… makes me hungry). They have five or six kind of appetizers, but we didn’t try it. We directly ordered the main course. We ordered ‘Bakmi Sakau (their favourite)’ with one chilli and two meat-ball, and ‘Dermaga Salmon (steak)’ with cream sauce. I didn’t need to wait any longer to taste the food. The food came around 10 -15 minutes. ‘Bakmi Sakau (18rb)’ is very good but it’s spicy enough for me. ‘Dermaga Salmon (47rb)’ is also nice to taste, but the slice is too thick. For the drink, we ordered ‘Orangy (15rb)’ orange juice with jelly and ‘Hawaian Twist (15rb)’ orange juice combine with apple. The drink is also good for the throat. After finish our meal, we tried their dessert, ‘Sweety (40rb)’ three scoops of gelato ice-cream combine with midori. The ice-cream is also good enough.

Overall, it’s worthed enough to try this place. With romantic ambience and view, delicious foods, and not too expensive, you should try it out. The café is on Pantai Mutiara (near Pluit).

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